Ana Terán

I am a business analyst from Panama who’s passionate about consumer businesses and innovation.

Why I chose these pieces

I believe that, through these pieces, we show the best of McKinsey: the ability to lead in times of change. In the first piece, we showcase how in times of crisis, we as individuals take the time to reflect and look upon our individual sense of purpose for reinvention. In the next topics, we exhibit this drive to adapt to newfound consumer preferences and a more sustainable future in businesses in a diverse array of industries (from healthcare to the automotive and fashion industries).

My picks

Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Igniting individual purpose in times of crisis

– Creating strong links to an individual purpose benefits individuals and companies alike—and could be vital in managing the postpandemic uncertainties that lie ahead.

The Next Normal – The future of the high-rise: Creating people-centric spaces

As the world becomes more urban, more people will live and work in high-rises. What will that mean for builders, real-estate companies, and tenants? In this edition, The Next Normal explores the high-rise of 2030.

The Next Normal – The future of car buying: Omnichannel, personalized, and fun 

If shared mobility and autonomous vehicles take off, will people still buy cars for personal use? And what will car shopping look like? The Next Normal imagines the car buyers and car dealerships of 2030.
Article - McKinsey Global Institute

How prioritizing health is a prescription for US prosperity

– As the United States rebuilds its economy in the wake of the pandemic, investing in health can lead the way.

Biodiversity: The next frontier in sustainable fashion

– It’s time for the apparel industry to radically reduce the industry’s contribution to biodiversity loss. Here are four interventions that can make the biggest impact.

Understanding and shaping consumer behavior in the next normal

– Consumer beliefs and behaviors are changing fast. To keep up with—and perhaps even influence—those changes, companies must leverage deep consumer insights.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Powering up sustainable energy

– Can the power industry simultaneously decarbonize generation, propel the transition to electric vehicles, and keep the lights on?

Angelos Geranmayeh

Business Analyst, Johannesburg

Chris McCorkle

Business Analyst, Washington, DC

Malika Oak

Business Analyst, New Jersey

Haneul Ryoo

Business Analyst, Washington, DC

Tanner Snider

Senior Business Analyst, Chicago

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Mike Borruso, Torea Frey, Mona Hamouly, LaShon Malone, Philip Mathew, and Nathan Wilson, of McKinsey Global Publishing, helped bring this project to life.