The best of McKinsey’s 2020 insights, according to our Gen Z colleagues

’Tis the season for year-end lists. We’re kicking it off with article recommendations from some of our newer colleagues—consultants who are members of Generation Z.
In this year like no other, we thought it made sense that the annual “year in review” season get started with a fresh perspective. So we asked a diverse range of our Gen Z consultants (born after 1996) from around the globe to tell us which of the more than 1,000 articles we published in 2020 struck a chord with them. Meet our colleagues below, learn a little about what they do, and see why they say their picks resonated.

Angelos Geranmayeh

Business Analyst, Johannesburg

Chris McCorkle

Business Analyst, Washington, DC

Malika Oak

Business Analyst, New Jersey

Haneul Ryoo

Business Analyst, Washington, DC

Tanner Snider

Senior Business Analyst, Chicago

Ana Terán

Business Analyst, Panama

You’ve met a few of our Gen Z colleagues. If you’d like to learn more about how this new class thinks and acts, see a few McKinsey insights that take on ways companies can engage with this important consumer segment: “‘True Gen’: Generation Z and its implications for companies,” “Meet Generation Z: Shaping the future of shopping,” “What makes Asia–Pacific’s Generation Z different?,” and “The young and the restless: Generation Z in America.”

Mike Borruso, Torea Frey, Mona Hamouly, LaShon Malone, Philip Mathew, and Nathan Wilson, of McKinsey Global Publishing, helped bring this project to life.