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Healthcare Systems & Services in Spain
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Healthcare Systems & Services in Spain

About this practice

Healthcare improvements have dramatically increased life expectancy, and new treatments are increasing the quality of life. The challenge for Spain, as in the rest of the world, is to provide those treatments in the most effective and efficient way. McKinsey Spain is investing to increase its presence in the country, incorporating experience both from Spain and around the world to help improve access, quality, and efficiency in Spanish health systems.

What we do

We work with healthcare leaders to improve world health outcomes. Our work extends to many organizations and systems:

  • national and regional health services to transform care delivery and make it more sustainable
  • health-insurance companies and other payors to improve the value of healthcare
  • hospital chains to transform operational performance
  • academic medical centers to refocus strategy, operations, and governance
  • integrated-care organizations to improve healthcare delivery

We take a highly collaborative approach, from guiding national governments as they set priorities to working with nurses to improve hospital-ward operations.

Who we are

McKinsey brings a global perspective and an understanding of how healthcare really works. We have the experience to counsel senior healthcare stakeholders and the size and scale to ensure real expertise across the landscape.

Our Healthcare Systems & Services team includes more than 1,700 consultants worldwide, over 150 MDs with patient care or research experience, and at least 250 consultants with masters or doctoral degrees in the life sciences and medical fields.

We have engaged in projects in over 70 countries, and our healthcare consultants speak more than 100 languages.

Our people

Senior Partner, London

Penny Dash

Works with senior management, chief executives, and leading clinicians to help redesign healthcare systems for improved clinical outcomes, efficiency, and value
Partner, London

Dr. Angela Spatharou

Leads some of the largest healthcare transformation programmes across the United Kingdom, focusing on productivity, access, service redesign, and care integration.
Partner, Gothenburg

Oscar Boldt-Christmas

Works with providers and health-system leaders on financial performance, cost-focused initiatives, merger management, and service reconfiguration
Senior Partner, Madrid

Carlos Trascasa

Over 25 years’ experience advising financial-services companies on five continents. Leads profit-improvement programs, organizational restructuring, and balance-sheet optimization strategies.
Senior Partner, Madrid

Alejandro Beltrán

Leads McKinsey in Spain and Portugal, advises international corporations on strategy and corporate finance, and counsels public institutions on macroeconomic and policy issues.
Engagement Manager, London

Oriol Fuertes

Co-leader of the Healthcare Systems and Services Practice in Spain, leading large projects in strategy and transformation in Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. He was a counselor at the Ministry of Health in Catalonia, where he implemented the health transformation plan for the region.
Engagement Manager, London

Rodrigo Cerda

Medical training expert in health policy. He works with payers and suppliers in different countries implementing best practices in cost-efficiency programs, health-systems strategy, and public health.

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