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I have good memories of every colleague I’ve worked with, and some have become close friends. We’ve not only spent long hours on work—we’ve had fun too.

McKinsey is the place to be!

After working at a leading Spanish construction company, I realized that I like solving day-to-day problems, but I also needed greater intellectual challenge and room for growth. That led me to McKinsey’s Europe, Middle East, and Africa Operations Practice, which helps clients transform every aspect of their operations—from manufacturing to customer support. I joined with an MBA, but there are other options too, such as joining our Production System Design Center, a two-year learning program to train specialists in manufacturing.

Solving problems together

The most exciting thing about McKinsey is dealing with such diverse, smart, and committed colleagues every day. From the recent summer intern up to the most tenured director, everyone has so much to teach and contribute. I’m amazed at how much they help each other in tough times.

The sky's the limit

Everything at McKinsey is designed to contribute to one’s development and success. Training is continuous, ranging from general training upon joining the firm to specific practice courses to develop expertise to a great set of knowledge resources.

Part of the client team

In one of my engagements, some of the client team members initially weren’t eager to have us on board. However, they soon saw the value of our independent, external point of view and McKinsey’s broad expertise. We worked closely with them to achieve great results, and they were sad to see us leave. In fact, I’ve maintained long-term relationships with a number of my clients, going beyond business issues.

Could this be your place too?

I had plenty of doubts about applying to McKinsey. To those in the same position, I’d ask: would you enjoy tackling different issues in sectors as diverse as banking, aerospace, consumer goods, and mining? Does the idea of working in an international environment with young, talented people appeal to you? If the answers are yes, my advice is to apply, prepare very well for the interviews, and then relax and enjoy the process.


IESE Business School, Universidad de Navarra

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
MSc, civil engineering

Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio
Undergraduate degree, environmental sciences