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During my years at McKinsey, I’ve been involved in several engagements across different sectors and geographies, but all have had one thing in common: they were all relevant for my clients and helped them make decisions that shaped their future.

Why McKinsey

I joined McKinsey in Madrid in 2007 after finishing a degree in mechanical engineering. During my studies, I wasn’t even aware of the work a consultant does, but after talking to other colleagues that had joined McKinsey before, I decided that this was the place for me for three main reasons. First, I love learning new things and, in McKinsey, you never get off the learning curve. Second, you can always say what you think—in fact you must say it! Finally, right from my very first contact with the firm, I sensed real caring in the atmosphere. McKinsey is a place where people matter and you always feel that somebody cares about your wellbeing.

Helping the top companies shape their future

Working for McKinsey gives me the opportunity to interact with senior clients that make the decisions that shape their companies and therefore their countries. Ever since my first engagement, I have always felt and realized that the decisions we help our clients make are really important for them: we participate in “life-changing” decisions and, more importantly, everyone in the team—from the business analyst to the director—has a voice.

Know your full potential

By being surrounded by exceptional people and continuously challenged by real business issues, McKinsey will support you to develop your full potential. When I joined the firm, my interviewer asked me: “What situation would you like to be in five years from now?” First of all, I thought of a house in the Caribbean but then I said, “I would like to lead a team of people that support me because they like working with me.” During my first project I thought that leading a project was a difficult challenge but McKinsey has pushed me to develop and complement my skills to a level that would have taken ages in any other place!

Apply to McKinsey!

If you quickly get bored with doing the same things, if you are passionate about facing real challenges, if you want to be surrounded by exceptional people that really care about you and your development, come and join us!


Columbia Business School

Universidad Pontificia Comillas–ICAI (Spain)
Master's degree, Engineering

Universität Stuttgart (Germany)
Maschinenbau (4th year)