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How to apply to McKinsey Spain
Careers in Spain

How to Apply

The interview process has two goals: for McKinsey to learn more about your experience and for you to understand our values and ways of working.

The application process

The first step to a career at McKinsey Spain is to prepare your online application on our website. Your application should include a letter explaining why you are interested in consulting in general and McKinsey in particular, as well as your résumé and a copy of your academic records. Applications in either English or Spanish are welcome. Applicants for McKinsey Spain should be fluent in both English and Spanish.

Depending on the strength of your application, we may invite you to our assessment process. This starts with the McKinsey Problem-Solving Game, which assesses specific problem-solving skills that we consider key to a successful career. The test, which takes about 60 minutes, does not require a specific academic or professional background.

If you pass the test, we will invite you to participate in a series of individual interviews with consultants with diverse backgrounds. This process occurs in two rounds, each consisting of two or three interviews.

The goal of the interview process is twofold:

  1. McKinsey will learn more about your skills and experience, helping us assess your suitability for a career with us.
  2. You will gain a detailed picture of our values and way of working, allowing you to make an informed decision on whether to pursue a career with McKinsey.

We want to get to know you and learn about your accomplishments, so we will ask in-depth questions about your experience in each of the interviews. We will also ask you to work on a case study, which will give us further insight into your problem-solving skills. At the end of each interview round, you will receive feedback from the interviewers and information on the next steps.

We have created a comprehensive set of materials to support you in your preparation, available on our global Careers site. You will find further detailed information on the Interviewing page, including a problem-solving test, videos, and practice case studies.

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