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Engagement Manager

The thing that has made the biggest impact on me at McKinsey is the quality of the people, both professional and personal. The teams and the work environment are great.

Why McKinsey

I’ve been passionate about management since the age of fifteen, when I helped my parents in the family business during my summer vacations. I studied Business Administration at ESADE, where I heard about McKinsey’s internship program for undergraduates. During my 2-month internship in 2011, I discovered McKinsey was the place I wanted to be: I worked in teams with brilliant, collaborative, fun people, helping clients address their most critical challenges. Another aspect that I find unique about McKinsey is that it provides you with a wide range of opportunities to build your own path: in my case, I undertook a 1-year externship with an airline company under restructuring before embarking on an MBA, and eventually returning to McKinsey.

A member of the team from day one

As an intern, I was a member of the team from day one. After two days’ training, I joined my first project, helping a leading Spanish retail bank improve its performance in the small-and-medium-enterprise segment. I was asked to conduct market survey analyses, participate in client meetings, and lead pieces of work. The project leader ensured I got a lot of coaching and frequent feedback. Doing the summer internship is the best way for undergraduates to experience what it is like to be a McKinsey consultant and get to know the people and the office environment in a very short time period.

Fast and continuous learning

During my time at McKinsey, I had the opportunity to serve clients across a wide range of industries (financial services, automotive, infrastructure, utilities, transportation, private equity, etc.) in multiple geographies (Spain, Andorra, United Kingdom, Switzerland, etc.). The nature of these engagements also varied a lot, ranging from strategy formulation to process improvement implementation and on-the-ground capability building. Beyond developing industry knowledge quickly, these experiences allowed me to build problem solving and interpersonal and communication skills. At McKinsey you will find endless learning opportunities and you will never be in your “comfort zone.”

Teamwork is a crucial part of McKinsey

The quality of the people at McKinsey, both professional and personal, has made a big impact on me: my teammates are hardworking and demanding, but also extremely collaborative and helpful. McKinsey consultants have a genuine interest in their colleagues’ well-being and development that I have not seen anywhere else. For example, in a recent project I was working late in the evening to prepare a meeting with a client. One of my colleagues, who had already finished his work, offered to help me. Even though the engagement is now over, he and I still regularly get together socially.

Non-hierarchical culture

McKinsey’s non-hierarchical culture is remarkable. Every week I have the opportunity to meet several times with senior consultants, present my piece of work to them, and debate as equals. Unlike many traditional organizations, people are strongly encouraged to share their views regardless of the tenure and experience, not only at internal meetings but also with clients. So if you decide to join McKinsey, be ready to speak up!

Feedback is gift

Giving feedback to colleagues is also part of the day-to-day work at McKinsey. We take feedback as a gift and we devote a lot of time to it because we deeply believe it is the only way to promote continuous development. I receive ongoing feedback from my colleagues so I can leverage my strengths and focus on improving my weaker areas. I am also frequently asked to provide feedback to senior colleagues, including Partners.



HEC Paris
MSc, strategic management

ESADE Business School
Undergraduate and Master's degree, business administration