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Associate, Bogotá

I expected a formal environment and bureaucratic culture—what I found was a non-hierarchical organization where all viewpoints are welcome.

All viewpoints welcome

I joined McKinsey as an intern during my undergrad. When I first joined I expected a very formal environment and bureaucratic culture—but what I found was a non-hierarchical organization where all viewpoints are welcome. That convinced me to return: after I graduated I joined McKinsey’s Bogotá office and completed the 24-month Business Analyst program. I then spent 18 months working at a private equity fund, and went on to complete my MBA—sponsored by McKinsey—before returning as an Associate.

Working with the best to build a better world

During my first assignment I helped to write an article on economic development. I experienced McKinsey’s collaborative process first-hand when I found myself in a conference call with Robert Solow, the famous economist, discussing how to best approach the problem! I went on to work with a Latin American government on an economic development strategy—a truly meaningful assignment, as the project make a tangible contribution to growth and job-creation.

From athletes to neurosurgeons

What do I enjoy most about working at McKinsey? Without a doubt, the people! The colleagues I’ve worked with range from a semi-professional Ironman athlete to a neurosurgeon. I have also had fantastic interaction with people from around the world. During my last training program, I was in a group with people from India, Indonesia and Mongolia, all working together to solve the many challenges that the training entailed.

Incredible learning ahead – so keep an open mind!

Working at McKinsey has helped me discover other business areas and themes that I am interested in. For example, I have realized the tremendous importance of talent management: I now see this function as a top priority for any organization to be sustainable and to really achieve its objectives. So, for anyone wishing to join McKinsey, my advice is to keep an open mind – don’t limit yourself to projects related to your background. McKinsey offers an incredible opportunity to learn about different industries, business functions, and parts of the world.


Columbia Business School

University of Los Andes
BA, economics