How do I apply for a position at McKinsey?

To apply for a consulting role, please visit our Careers site. Your background and experience will determine which role makes sense for you—consulting, research, digital, analytics, implementation, internal services—many are available to consider.

What consulting position may make sense for me?

McKinsey consultants come from a variety of backgrounds. People with bachelor's degrees typically join our firm as business analysts, also known as fellows in some offices. Some stay for two or three years before attending graduate school or gaining further work experience. Others are invited to stay at McKinsey and move directly into an associate role.

People with MBAs or other advanced professional degrees (JD, MD, PhD, or nonbusiness master's degree) typically join as associates. Most consultants join initially as generalists, working across a broad range of industries and functions. Others join as practice consultants, working primarily in a particular function or sector.

We also look for experienced professionals from a variety of fields and professions, whether you work in finance, government, engineering, law, the military, medicine, or manufacturing. Experienced professionals join McKinsey in a range of roles. People with bachelor's degrees and a few years of experience might join as business analysts, associates, or specialists. Seasoned professionals—those with extensive work experience—might join as associates, implementation coaches, industry or functional experts, or in more senior consulting roles.

Please visit our Careers site for more information about consulting opportunities at McKinsey, what we look for in a candidate, and how to apply online.

What type of other roles are available?

In addition to traditional consulting roles, McKinsey provides excellent career opportunities in areas such as implementation, digital, analytics, or research roles, just to name a few.  Clients are increasingly asking for specialized support and insight. To meet this growing need, we have developed new capabilities and expertise in project implementation, restructuring, capability building, and digital transformation that allow us to partner with our clients to deliver impact over longer periods of time. Detailed information can be found on our Careers site in Our Roles.

Additionally, our knowledge and research professionals are dedicated to developing and using knowledge to support our client work. Please visit our Knowledge Network site to find out more. These professionals work with client teams all over the world to make sure McKinsey’s insights are the most relevant and impactful they can be.

To search for internal services roles at McKinsey—in areas such as administration, information technology, recruiting, research, and professional development—please visit our Careers site.

My online application did not save properly. What should I do?

Please e-mail Include your username and describe the reason you believe your application did not save properly.

Does McKinsey offer internships?

Yes, we offer business analyst and associate internships, typically in the summer, for those currently pursuing a degree.

The typical duration and timing of internships at McKinsey is 10 weeks in the summer, though there may be opportunities to intern for fewer weeks or during the spring or fall. Interns work on a client engagement as a full member of a McKinsey team. To learn more and start an application, please visit our Careers site.