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On the open laptop, where keys once resided, a virtual city is growing. Office buildings and residential structures harmoniously coexist, interconnected by a translucent web of digital elements—charts and data intricately woven into a dynamic ecosystem of new technologies.

Generative AI can change real estate, but the industry must change to reap the benefits



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Francisco Ortega
Senior PartnerBuenos Aires
Manages McKinsey’s work in Spanish Latin America and serves clients in global banking, insurance, digital, and operations
Federico Ruiz Guiñazú
PartnerBuenos Aires
Leads our payments work in Leap by McKinsey across Spanish Latin America and is the location manager for our Argentina office
Ezequiel Satz
PartnerBuenos Aires
Ezequiel leads the Operations practice for service companies at McKinsey LatAm, and has extensive experience in strategic and...
Steven Finder
PartnerBuenos Aires
Focuses on digital marketing and leads engagements on the telecommunications and internet sectors as well as banking and health...
Alejandro Sandoval
PartnerBuenos Aires
Leads operations transformation work in Latin America, with extensive experience in the service and industrial sectors
Ignacio Gorupicz
PartnerBuenos Aires
Focuses on conceptualizing and implementing agile operating models, organizational restructuring, and digitization of corporate...
Jesús Moreno Sosa
PartnerBuenos Aires
Leads digital-transformation programs—improving customer experience, driving revenue, and reducing costs—and leads the customer...
Martin Maestu
Senior PartnerBuenos Aires
Leads the firm’s work in basic materials and energy in Latin America

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