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Associate, Santiago

In the two years since I’ve joined McKinsey, I’ve worked in eight different locations across 12 companies and in three countries. It’s a wonderful thing to always be meeting and learning from people all over the world.

After graduating from college, I wanted to work in an environment where I would feel constantly challenged. The combination of McKinsey’s access to knowledge from all across the world and its day-one impact have given me just that, making this the best place for me to start my career.

More than colleagues

I’ve quickly realized that what makes McKinsey so distinctive is the people here. Beyond smarts and dedication to the work, the above-and-beyond support you get is unparalleled. There is a genuine care for one another’s development, and that applies across all tenures. It’s fairly common to see a manager sitting with a new hire coaching him or her through areas such as Excel modeling, presenting tips, or even the intranet.

We all work as a team, and we collaborate to make sure that everyone succeeds. Feedback plays an important role in our processes, and so we are constantly giving and receiving it to help us get to that next level. We truly are a nonhierarchical organization, and everyone’s voice is heard.

A worldwide network

Mentorship plays a big role here—both professionally and personally—with colleagues available and eager to help in any way they can. My own experience with this was when I joined as a business analyst and decided to apply to MBA programs. I received tremendous support throughout my application process from coworkers who connected me with contacts currently at my schools of interest. Through them, I was able to get firsthand information and guidance about the programs. This showed me that nearly anywhere you go in the world, there is likely to be a McKinsey connection that you can leverage. And that is good for a lifetime.