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Engagement manager, Santiago

McKinsey is a real melting pot of cultures and diversity, which I find so inspiring.

Having been educated in two different cultures, I’ve always felt at home here. I’m constantly working with colleagues and clients across the world, communicating in multiple languages and time zones. Yet, no matter where you are—it manages to feel like one, unified firm.

A journey like no other

My experience here has been so varied, gaining exposure across so many different industries and sectors. From working with an underground mining operation in Santiago to a hydroelectric plant in the Colombian jungle, no two days are ever the same. This makes for such an exciting work environment, where you never stop learning something new.

One global firm

I remember my first client engagement as an analyst where I was the only Chilean on the team. The associate and the engagement manager were from Argentina, the senior expert was a German from the Tapei office, and the two analytics gurus were from Gurgaon, India. We had daily calls together, early in the morning for me but the end of the day for them. It didn’t matter where any one of us was, because we were all working together toward the same client goals. That felt invigorating.