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Fellow, Santiago

It goes without saying that the people here are smart. But what has stayed with me the most is how human they are as well.

After working as an industrial engineer at different companies, I was looking for a career change—for an environment where I’d be inspired by the people and challenged by the work. That’s just what I’ve gotten at McKinsey.

Team spirit

There is a genuine team spirit I’ve discovered here—with people always ready to give 100 percent of their support and effort, and enjoying it all the while. I often compare it to a rugby team, where value is on the individual but the group remains most important.

It’s also quite amazing to see the number of experts and unending knowledge on any topic that people provide. You can literally pick up the phone and call someone across the globe to get immediate insights that will provide direct client impact.

My McKinsey

One of the most rewarding aspects of my career at McKinsey has been the ability to follow my interests and maintain flexibility with my personal time. Early on, I got the support of an engagement manager to adjust my work stream around topics I’m passionate about while ensuring I could be home for certain hours in the day. I’ve since learned that this is actually not a rarity at McKinsey.

Surprise learnings

Working at McKinsey has forced me to really know myself—my strengths and where there’s room to improve. It’s opened up my eyes to good influencing skills, which I’ve learned can be more important than any Excel or PowerPoint presentation or analysis when it comes to creating client impact. Surprisingly, I’ve found that it’s often the “little” things I work on that make the biggest difference.