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Through KIT, we organize a number of events to allow participants to get to know us and we to know them. Check this page and our newsletter often where you can find details fo upcoming events. If you were unable to attend a past event, you can watch replays below.

Recent webinars


How technologists can be at their best at McKinsey

Ed Chang, marketing & sales engineering director in Chicago, former Google software engineer and Amine Abidi, data engineering expert associate partner in Berlin, former Amazon chief architect & Viacom technology lead discuss their career paths and transition from Big Tech companies into consulting.


How COVID-19 is changing the world of beauty

Emily Gerstell, Ph.D. and Emma Spagnuolo discuss the findings of the report “How COVID-19 is changing the world of beauty”. This research is a part of a broader Future of Beauty work, which seeks to understand how changes in consumer behavior and beliefs impact brands, retailers, and investors.

Webinar Archive


Capability building


Giving and receiving feedback – Barbora LeBlanc

A practice session focused on feedback. Barbora LeBlanc, a trainer and communication specialist in Prague, discusses a time-tested four-step process for giving and receiving feedback and provides examples and exercises for when and how to leverage it.

Centered leadership: Engaging – Smaranda Gosa-Mensing

Smaranda Gosa-Mensing, global head of people in London, discusses the power of engaging: one of the five core elements of centered leadership. Engaging means finding one’s inner voice and embracing opportunities by taking ownership of them.

Our people


My McKinsey Story – Navjot Singh


Ask Us Anything: Paula Ramos and Alba Garcia Estella

Paula Ramos, a partner in New Jersey, and Alba Garcia Estella, an engagement manager in New York, discuss their journeys at McKinsey, including their personal commitment to the pharmaceuticals and medical products sector.



Alumni series: Charles Sekwalor, CEO Movemeback

Charles Sekwalor, CEO of Movemeback, shares his journey from a teenage entrepreneur to a McKinsey consultant. He reflects on his time at the firm, lessons learned, and how it helped him shape his mission for realizing social and economic development in Africa.

Dance of the lions and dragons – Irene Sun

Irene Sun, a former associate in Washington D.C., discusses the findings of the Dance of the lions and dragons report on the Africa-China economic relationship.

Life at McKinsey


Diversity and Inclusion at McKinsey - Ellis Griffith and Dania Dialdin

Ellis Griffith, a regional people leader in Amsterdam, and Dania Dialdin, an inclusion and diversity regional leader, elaborate on the findings of the Delivering through Diversity report and discuss the initiatives that help us champion diversity and inclusion at McKinsey.

Work-life balance and McKinsey's flexibility programs – Divya Ganesh

Divya Ganesh, director of digital delivery, in our Bengaluru office, discusses how she made her own McKinsey leveraging the firm’s flexibility programs, shares tips on work-life balance, and explains how she balances her career and family life.

Our work, insights and publications


Environmental sustainability at McKinsey

A multi-lens perspective on how we create social impact and minimize McKinsey’s footprint on a global and local level. Our speakers discuss how we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and waste, offset emissions, and contribute to a structural solution.

How McKinsey helps empower women and girls – Tracy Nowski

McKinsey has significantly invested in gender equality research and scaling up our client work in the social, private, and public sectors across diversity and inclusion, women's economic empowerment, and women's health. Tracy Nowski, a partner in Washington D.C., discusses our work on these critical issues.

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