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Our work, insights and publications

Our colleagues discuss their experiences researching and publishing new insights and reports and discuss their findings.

Environmental sustainability at McKinsey

A multi-lens perspective on how we create social impact and minimize McKinsey’s footprint on a global and local level. Our speakers discuss how we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and waste, offset emissions, and contribute to a structural solution.

How McKinsey helps empower women and girls – Tracy Nowski

McKinsey has significantly invested in gender equality research and scaling up our client work in the social, private, and public sectors across diversity and inclusion, women's economic empowerment, and women's health. Tracy Nowski, a partner in Washington D.C., discusses our work on these critical issues.

Plastics recycling – Shannon Bouton, Cynthia Shih, and Helga Vanthournout global executive director Dr. Shannon Bouton and global director Cynthia Shih discuss with alumna Helga Vanthournout the global problem of plastic waste and how aims to put all waste to productive use in urban communities around the world by making recycling systems environmentally positive, socially inclusive, and economically sustainable.

Improving cancer treatment by combining data analytics and digital tools – Cara Ferreira, Jonathan Usuka, and David Ku

Applying digital tools and analytics techniques to genetic data means improved care for cancer patients. Cara Ferreira, an associate in Calgary, David Ku, an engagement manager in San Francisco, and Jonathan Usuka, a senior expert in pharmaceutical analytics, discuss the research behind Data driven decisions in cancer care.

Women in fast-growing global markets – Marilyn Kimeu and Ricky Asemota

Dr. Marilyn Kimeu, an engagement manager in Nairobi, and Ricky Asemota, an engagement manager in Lagos, give an overview of the work we do in fast-growing global markets and discuss their personal commitments to diversity and inclusion.

The automotive revolution - perspectives on the road to 2030 – Philipp Kampshoff and Timo Möller

Philipp Kampshoff, a partner in Houston who leads the supplier sector of our Automotive & Assembly Practice in the Americas, and Timo Möller, a partner in Cologne leading the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility, offer their perspectives on the speed of change, what new value opportunities look like, and requirements for success.

Chemicals 2025 – Florian Budde

Florian Budde, a senior partner in Frankfurt and global knowledge leader of our Chemicals Practice, discusses a possible trajectory for the chemical industry and its future implications.

Notes from the frontier: Making Artificial Intelligence work – Michael Chui

Dr. Michael Chui, a McKinsey Global Institute partner in San Francisco, explores how big the artificial intelligence (AI) opportunity is, which sectors and functions can capture the most value, the impact on jobs, and the necessary skills to arise. He discusses recently-released research that shows despite the rapid pace of AI adoption, much foundational work in enterprises remains to be done to capture value at scale.

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