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Capability building

A learning module to help you build up your skills and foster your professional and personal development.

Giving and receiving feedback – Barbora LeBlanc

A practice session focused on feedback. Barbora LeBlanc, a trainer and communication specialist in Prague, discusses a time-tested four-step process for giving and receiving feedback and provides examples and exercises for when and how to leverage it.

Centered leadership: Engaging – Smaranda Gosa-Mensing

Smaranda Gosa-Mensing, global head of people in London, discusses the power of engaging: one of the five core elements of centered leadership. Engaging means finding one’s inner voice and embracing opportunities by taking ownership of them.

Structured communications – Barbora LeBlanc

McKinsey consultants are trained to structure their thoughts and communicate top-down using the pyramid principle—a method McKinsey developed years ago to more effectively share results and recommendations with senior leaders across sectors. Barbora LeBlanc, a trainer and communication specialist in Prague, shares how to use this tool and make communication more effective.

Communicate with strategy and story – Barbora LeBlanc

Barbora LeBlanc, a trainer and communication specialist in Prague, builds on the Pyramid Principle concept through storylines and other creative techniques for engaging an audience.

Centered leadership: Meaning – Alix Stödter

Alix Stödter, head of executive career services and coaching in Hamburg, introduces the concept of centered leadership—an approach focused on helping women be more self-confident and effective business leaders. Alix focuses on meaning, a driving force that translates into greater job satisfaction, higher productivity, lower turnover, and increased loyalty.

Centered leadership: Connecting – Lynne Chaillat

Lynne Chaillat, a manager in Paris, explores the centered leadership model and the role of strong networks and sponsorship.

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