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Life at McKinsey

Our colleagues share how the firm supports personal development, accommodates individual circumstances and fosters exceptional culture of belonging and respect.

Diversity and Inclusion at McKinsey - Ellis Griffith and Dania Dialdin

Ellis Griffith, a regional people leader in Amsterdam, and Dania Dialdin, an inclusion and diversity regional leader, elaborate on the findings of the Delivering through Diversity report and discuss the initiatives that help us champion diversity and inclusion at McKinsey.

Work-life balance and McKinsey's flexibility programs – Divya Ganesh

Divya Ganesh, director of digital delivery, in our Bengaluru office, discusses how she made her own McKinsey leveraging the firm’s flexibility programs, shares tips on work-life balance, and explains how she balances her career and family life.

Mobility at McKinsey – alum Kaoru Kaganoi

Former manager in Nairobi Kaoru Kaganoi shares his personal experience at McKinsey, which allowed him to become a global citizen and follow his passions.

Sponsorship at McKinsey

A discussion about the ways in which we support our colleagues globally, especially women. Maria Helo, an expert associate partner from Bogota, and Trish Gyorey, a partner from Chicago who spent several years in Brazil and led our All In program, give an overview of the meaningful work we do to support women at McKinsey, especially through mentorship and sponsorship.

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