Connect with McKinsey 2023

At McKinsey, we tackle our clients’ hardest, most important challenges across diverse sectors and industries. To accomplish this, we need talented people like you to join us.

Our Connect with McKinsey program helps students across North America in undergraduate and non-MBA master’s programs create early connections with our colleagues and learn more about our recruiting process for full time and internship roles starting in 2023. Being part of Connect with McKinsey will allow us to better understand your background and the locations, practices, and type of work you are most interested in while you are still on campus.

Connect with McKinsey participants will receive invitations to information sessions and newsletters on topics such as what it’s like to join our firm, our commitment to work that matters, and how to prepare for interviews.

We are no longer accepting Connect with McKinsey submissions for this recruiting year, but please continue to use the resources on this page to learn more about McKinsey, prepare for interviews, and explore upcoming opportunities and deadlines.

Upcoming events

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There are currently no scheduled upcoming events.

Your Connect with McKinsey checklist

✓ Bookmark your school’s recruiting page, and stay tuned for upcoming events hosted by your recruiter and school alumni

✓ Attend an event to get to know us better

✓ Get a jump on interview preparation—review our FAQs, practice cases, and interview questions to learn more about what it’s like to interview with McKinsey

✓ Learn more about our greatest assets—our people

✓ Check out our Careers Blog to get to know our colleagues and learn what makes someone successful at McKinsey

✓ Learn more about the ways we help our clients

✓ Explore our commitment to diversity and learn more about McKinsey affinity groups

Roles, eligibility, deadlines, and more

What roles can you apply for as a current student enrolled in a North American-based undergraduate or non-MBA master’s program?

December 2022–May 2023 graduates

December 2023–May 2024 graduates

December 2024–May 2025 graduates

  • Second Year Summer Business Analyst (Deadline to apply September 8): our sophomore (second year) summer business analyst program provides first-hand experience with consulting at McKinsey to a highly select group of undergraduate students who are members of historically underrepresented groups in the management-consulting profession. This includes Black, African American, Hispanic, Latino, or Indigenous groups in North America.

Applications to the above roles will open on June 15. Connect with McKinsey participants will be notified about when they should submit their applications.

All students currently in undergraduate or non-MBA master’s programs are encouraged to participate in Connect with McKinsey.

If you are in a non-MBA master’s program and have completed four or more years of post-grad work experience prior to starting your program, we encourage you to review our advanced professional degree hiring opportunities instead.

At McKinsey, we are dedicated to building a firm that attracts, develops, and retains exceptional people. We value a respectful work environment and are committed to inclusion. Our networks support our people and provide a welcoming environment where mentorship and community create an unparalleled sense of belonging and growth. To learn more, visit our website and follow us on Facebook at Real Life at McKinsey and McKinsey Women. Learn more about any of our affinity groups here.


Find your McKinsey recruiting contact through your university info page.