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Our community of consultants and the professionals who support them across four locations—Toronto, Montréal, Calgary, and Vancouver—reflect the rich diversity of our country. We have deep roots here, serving two-thirds of Canada's top companies and organizations across all sectors as well as leading civic and not-for-profit institutions.



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How workplaces can become safer and more inclusive spaces for women

– Research shows that women experience more workplace microaggressions than men and face more retaliation for speaking out. It’s time for organizations to get strategic about making change

Most companies are taking the wrong approach to DE&I—here’s how to get it right

– Diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts often involve unpaid, invisible labour shouldered by women and other underrepresented groups. It’s exhausting, unfair, and usually achieves little real progress

Women are still falling behind at every step of the career ladder. How can organizations make real change?

– McKinsey research shows that little progress has been made in the last few years. Sandrine Devillard looks at why it’s happening and what needs to be done to reverse the trend

The talent pipeline for women is blocked, especially for women of colour. How can companies do better?

– To make true progress, DE&I can’t just be lip service, says Natasha Bergeron. Real change requires companies to take the problem seriously


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We look for people with intellectual curiosity, business acumen, and leadership potential to contribute to our thriving community. Our people enjoy a broad client mix, exceptional career opportunities, and inspiring and diverse colleagues.

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Gender Diversity at Work in Canada

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to blur the boundaries between work and personal life, increasing stress and making it difficult for employees to remain focused and effective in their jobs.

Digital transformations: The five talent factors that matter most

– Setting up a winning digital and advanced-analytics organization is hard. Decisions about talent and technology will often determine the transformation’s success.

The future of fitness

The pandemic created a kind of forcing mechanism for fitness—a chance for people and fitness companies to think through everything from what makes for a better workout to how people can live better, happier, healthier lives.

Will fusion energy help decarbonize the power system?

– Nuclear fusion has long been considered a near-impossible clean-energy solution. But technological advances—and the need for a flexible zero-carbon power grid—have made fusion worth considering.

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