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Impact Stories

Preparing a city for the future

You can imagine the complexities involved when a major city charts a course to reduce greenhouse gas emissions beyond regulatory requirements.

A sports league leverages data and digital marketing

Analyzing the performance of athletes by using remarkably sophisticated quantitative measures is common practice these days, as... anyone who’s read or seen Moneyball is well aware. When it came to digging into the performance of the web-sites of a major sports league, McKinsey used the digital equivalents of that super-analytical approach.

Mobile-price strategy turns around revenue growth in emerging market

McKinsey was brought in to help a leading Asian mobile operator who had witnessed a devastating 80 percent drop in their average... price per minute in just a single year as the result of a hypercompetitive marketing environment.

Sustainability and beer?

A global brewer sets an ambitious goal of cutting emissions in half–and our McKinsey team helped make this possible.

Work that put people to work

Can you think of an assignment more challenging than taking on a labor department in Europe, widely viewed by the public as bureaucratic,... inefficient, and having little impact on the nation’s high unemployment rate?