Building Operations Leadership Diversity (BOLD)

September 16, 2022
Virtual Event

McKinsey passionately believes in developing outstanding leaders and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, both at our firm and in the world at large.

Building Operations Leadership Diversity (BOLD) is a virtual event that will offer you the opportunity to learn more about McKinsey’s work in operations. During the event you will have ample time to engage with McKinsey's diversity, equity, and inclusion groups, Operations Practice leaders, and other participants.

Virtual Event Details


September 16, 2022


We are looking to get to know individuals in North America who self-identify as members of the following historically underrepresented groups: women, LGBTQ+, Black, African American, Hispanic, Latinos, and/or Indigenous peoples of North America and have:

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“Before joining McKinsey, I attended an event hosted by the Operations Practice. It was definitely one of those experiences that has been instrumental in my career, in terms of finding a network of accomplished women leaders as well as demystifying consulting as a profession. From the outside, considering a career at McKinsey can look intimidating, but the event showed me that all of our past experiences and unique viewpoints is what makes for a successful consultant and there’s a network ready to support you in your journey through the firm. At McKinsey, I’m hoping to bring my career experience in automotive and tech to serve clients while exploring industries I’ve always had an interest in.”

Abby, associate, Dallas

“Last year, I attended an Operations Practice event, which gave me the opportunity to learn and see firsthand the product and outcome of past McKinsey projects. The ability to witness the pivotal changes that McKinsey made within the industry I was currently working in intrigued me, and made me realize consulting was something I wanted to pursue in my career. Following the event, I continued to receive support from the amazing community of people at McKinsey. Throughout the recruiting process, the colleagues I met invested time and energy to run case studies with me and gave me insightful feedback to prepare for my interviews. Even a year after the event, I remain in contact with many of the women I met, and we continue to serve as a great resource for support and advice as women in operations.”

Chloe, business analyst, Boston

“Since joining the firm a little over two years ago, I have served clients in seven new industries, while visiting more than ten cities across the United States. One of my recent projects gave me the opportunity to try multiple approaches to problem solving, including design thinking, bringing together the best of the firm to design a future of workplace strategy for our client. I’ve also been able to explore new ways to translate my passion for technology, design, the built environment, and experience working in the construction and infrastructure industries into new opportunities to deliver impact for our clients. On a more personal level, through both firm and Washington, DC office opportunities, I’ve also been able to explore what it means to be a member of our GLAM (LGBTQ+) community at McKinsey (hint: it’s amazing), what it means to be an intersectional ally, and what it means to bring my whole self to work with my teams.”

Bo, associate, Dallas

“McKinsey has given me the opportunity to serve multiple utility clients, with some of their most ambitious goals and pressing issues to date. One of my recent projects enabled me to lead the decarbonization strategy for a state-wide utility for the next ten years. I have also explored new ways to translate my passion for technology and AI by helping stand up our capital analytics solutions. I am part of McKinsey's Hispanic Latino Network (HLN) and a core member of our electric power and natural gas community in our New York office. This has allowed me to build some deep relationships with our leadership and teammates as we try to tackle some difficult topics as a group.”

Janul, engagement manager, New York

BOLD is a non-evaluative event. It is an opportunity to get to know us and learn more about working at McKinsey.

This opportunity is open to individuals who identify as members of the following historically underrepresented groups: women, LGBTQ+, Black, African American, Hispanic, Latinos, and/or Indigenous peoples of North America. It is just one of our many programs to help individuals get to know McKinsey better.

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