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Highlights from McKinsey at COP28

Unlocking COP28

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Outcomes from COP28: What next to accelerate climate action?
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Blog Post
COP28: Wrap-up
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What is COP?

Our COP28 delegation

Daniel Pacthod
Senior PartnerNew York
Global coleader of McKinsey Sustainability; helps leading organizations decarbonize, transform their core businesses, hyperscale new climate technologies, and build capabilities to win in the energy transition
Gassan Al-Kibsi
Senior Partner, Chair and Managing Partner, EEMARiyadh
Supports public-, private-, and social-sector leaders across the region to improve opportunities for the youth and create global champions
Cindy Levy
Senior PartnerLondon
Helps global financial firms on multiyear agendas related to strategy, transactions, organization, and risk governance and culture
Tarek El Sayed
Senior Partner and Managing PartnerRiyadh
Supports CEOs, senior executives, and government leaders on a range of strategic and organizational topics.

Collaborating for exponential results

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World Economic Forum (WEF)
Artist rendering of what a large-scale DAC facility that uses Carbon Engineering’s DAC technology could look like.
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World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

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