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Maximizing CEO effectiveness

The CEO role is like no other. Here's what you need to know to operate effectively and build an organization that creates value now and for the long term.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Leading in the 21st century

– Six global leaders confront the personal and professional challenges of a new era of uncertainty.

Managing yourself

Article - Mint

How can CEOs choose the best-suited operating model?

– CEOs need to decide where to spend their energy.
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How CEOs learn

– Learning from peers, turning to mentors, and practicing new skills are the three modes in which CEOs renew themselves.
Article - Mint

Leading in the 21st Century

– The challenges that CEOs face today are more complex when compared to the challenges of even a decade ago.
Article - Mint

Mastering the CEO’s mandate

– Managing a changing mandate requires developing a versatile engagement approach.
Article - Mint

The centred CEO getting the balances right

– Running an organization requires balancing the interests of varied stakeholders, balancing short vs long term priorities and achieving work life balance.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

A deal-making strategy for new CEOs

– New CEOs typically raise the tempo of transactions at first, then the pace slows down. Is that costly?

Managing the board

Executive Briefing - McKinsey Quarterly

The CEO guide to boards

– Greater responsibilities require increased commitments of time and energy.

The board perspective

– A collection of McKinsey insights focusing on boards of directors.

Toward a value-creating board

– The amount of time board directors spend on their work and commit to strategy is rising. But in a new survey, few respondents rate their boards as effective at most tasks or report good feedback or training practices.

Managing the organization

Article - Mint

A CEO’s guide to building a strong organization

– It is important for leaders to learn to side-step common failure modes, be aware of their own biases and not let these influence their decisions.
Article - Mint

Creating meaning: A pillar of the CEO mandate

– Being a ‘meaning-maker’ is one of the most important —and least understood—tasks of a CEO.
Article - Mint

How CEOs can manage organizational and personal energy

– See where you are on your own personal goals, and introspect!about what enhances and depletes your energy.
Article - Mint

Build agile leaders to succeed

– Leaders are trying to be more agile, as a small shock in one part of the system can have much broader impacts.
Book Excerpt - McKinsey Global Institute

The four global forces breaking all the trends

– The world economy’s operating system is being rewritten. In this exclusive excerpt from the new book No Ordinary Disruption, its authors explain the trends reshaping the world and why leaders must adjust to a new reality.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Transformation with a capital T

– Companies must be prepared to tear themselves away from routine thinking and behavior.

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