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The mindsets and practices of excellent CEOs

– The CEO’s job is as difficult as it is important. Here is a guide to how the best CEOs think and act.

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The CEO Journey

Our best insights at every stage of the life cycle of a CEO, from preparing to take the top job to successfully passing on the baton.

Preparing to become a CEO

Insights on developing your skills, experience, leadership style, and personal operating model - and navigating the CEO selection process.

Transitioning into the CEO role

Insights on the factors underpinning successful CEO transitions, from setting bold aspirations to building an effective senior team and developing stakeholder relationships.

Maximizing CEO effectiveness

The CEO role is like no other. Here's what you need to know to operate effectively and build an organization that creates value now and for the long term.

Managing CEO succession

Ensuring a smooth succession is part of the CEO's legacy. This means working closely with the board to develop potential candidates and put a robust selection process in place.

How new CEOs can manage for the future

– The subtle art of delivering short-term wins while setting the stage for long-term success

The diversity opportunity for new CEOs

– New McKinsey research has uncovered a fascinating correlation between gender diversity and corporate performance.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Short-term pain for long-term gain: The new CEO’s dilemma

– CEOs who pivot to a longer view of health and performance make the right moves for their companies, though it’s sometimes their successors who reap the rewards.

Forums & Communities

Executive Transitions Master Class

This two-day program convenes senior executives in the midst of a transition or promotion and prepares them for the challenges of their new roles.

Bower Forum

This two-day workshop is a unique platform for a small group of CEOs or Chairpersons to discuss goals, challenges, and role-specific issues, while counseling and learning from one another.

Board Services

We help clients improve the effectiveness of the board of directors through counseling, capability building, and developing new insights.



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Strategy & Corporate Finance

Our global team of consultants help companies around the world identify, develop, and implement winning strategies, offering support and capability building at every stage of the strategic journey and provide independent, strategic advice on finance and value creation. We work with clients on topics such as valuation, transaction support, capital markets, treasury, financial analysis and modeling, and strengthening the finance function.


Learn how our consultants combine analytical rigor and deep experience to help organizations strengthen both short-term performance and long-term health.

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