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Associate Principal, Antwerp

I used to think the elevator pitch was just a joke, but now it's happened to me!

What did you do before joining?

I spent 5 years working in sales and marketing in the consumer-goods and media industries, so by the time I joined in 2010, I was what McKinsey calls an experienced hire. Consulting appealed to me because I wanted to broaden my horizons and work on a project basis. Thanks to the variety of work, the stimulating environment, and the chance to develop my expertise, I haven’t regretted my career move for a moment.

What made you choose McKinsey?

I had another offer from a boutique consulting firm, but it didn’t take long to decide on McKinsey. The first reason was the people: after my interviews, I felt a great rapport with the people I’d met, and I was sure I would feel at home here. Second, working for the leading consultancy translates into a wider choice of projects, global scope, deeper knowledge, and more investment in development—all advantages that I wanted to benefit from.

What moments in the past few years stand out for you?

I used to think the elevator pitch was just a joke, but now it’s happened to me! Several times I’ve found myself in the elevator with a client CEO and ended up giving a 2-minute speech about progress on a project.

There are other great memories too: taking 20 Indonesian clients around a city to learn about European retail, going on a camping trip with the entire office, presenting recommendations to top politicians—I must have enough funny, strange, and special stories to fill a book.

Have you been able to follow your own interests?

Yes, while working here I’ve discovered a passion for promoting women in management, and I’ve been encouraged to put it to good use. A group of women in my office got together to contribute to Women Matter, McKinsey’s biannual publication on women in top management. At the same time, we started the Women Initiative to stimulate women’s recruitment, networking, and development in our Belgian offices.