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Our 10 actions toward racial equity

How we plan to accelerate change within our firm and help combat racism across the world

In 2020, McKinsey put forth a public commitment to anti-racism and social justice. Drawing on our areas of core expertise, we’ve focused on building Black leadership within our organization and beyond, identifying solutions through data-based research and investing in social change within our wider community. While we know that we have a long way to go on our journey, we are proud to support the leaders, businesses and communities working for a more just and equitable society.

10 Actions—Our commitment


Double our Black leadership and hiring of Black colleagues

in our firm over the next four years.


Firmwide anti-racism learning journey

Engage our 32,000 colleagues in an anti-racism and inclusion program in addition to our existing training on unconscious bias. We will make these materials available publicly for others to use in their own organizations.


Firmwide day of service dedicated to understanding racial injustice

Create a firmwide day of service dedicated to understanding racial injustice and giving back to our communities. On that day, we will recognize those who exemplify anti-racism and inclusion.


Expert review of people processes

Bring to bear the best available expertise to help us ensure our processes are free from bias and to support the attraction, development, advancement and retention of Black and diverse colleagues.


Black leadership

Create a dedicated McKinsey Academy virtual leadership program and make it available at no cost to our clients to support rising Black executives. We will also broaden and expand our student internship programs across our firm to help grow more Black leaders.


Black Economic Institute

Building upon the McKinsey Global Institute and our related longstanding research on racial inequities, we will found a Black economic institute to translate insights into practical tools to enable our clients to advance Black economic empowerment and racial equity in the United States and beyond.


Supplier diversity

Double our spending with diverse suppliers within three years.



Contribute $2 million in cash to Generation to launch new programs in the United States to train and place Black learners in small and medium-sized Black-owned businesses. Globally, we will double our support for Generation to train and place 40,000 learners in 14 countries, predominantly from under-represented groups.


Pro bono efforts

Commit $200 million over the next 10 years in pro bono work globally to advance racial equity and economic empowerment among Black communities.


Charitable giving

Donate a total of $5 million in cash this year to nonprofits working to create educational opportunities and combat racism. The majority of this gift will be directed to organizations to be selected by our McKinsey Black Network colleagues.

Video Collection

Our Black Voices

Hearing from members of the Black community is not only self-evident in its power but also necessary. Our colleagues share perspectives on their Black experience—in the workplace and beyond.

Supporting Black leaders

Black Leadership Academy

Helping to accelerate the progression of Black leaders in their organizations.

New research highlights gap between race and earning power in the US: Meet the authors

– McKinsey delivers findings of research into earning potential of black families and role of philanthropy in community. Here’s what we learned.

Investing in future leaders

Sophomore Diversity Leaders Internship

Our Sophomore (second-year) Diversity Leaders Internship program provides a highly select group of Black/African American and/or Hispanic/Latino undergraduate students first-hand experience with consulting at McKinsey & Company.

Freshman Diversity Leadership Academy

Our Sophomore (second-year) Diversity Leaders Internship program provides a highly select group of Black/African American and/or Hispanic/Latino undergraduate students first-hand experience with consulting at McKinsey & Company.

Identifying solutions

Building supportive ecosystems for Black-owned US businesses

– The right business ecosystems can mitigate or negate the effects of structural obstacles to business building for Black business owners—and add $290 billion in business equity.

COVID-19: Investing in black lives and livelihoods

– The unfolding public-health and possible economic disaster of the pandemic will disproportionately affect black Americans—unless stakeholders respond immediately.

The case for accelerating financial inclusion in black communities

– A lack of financial inclusion for black Americans exists at every level of the financial system. Understanding the sources of exclusion is the first step to fixing the system.

The economic impact of closing the racial wealth gap

– The persistent racial wealth gap in the United States is a burden on Black Americans as well as the overall economy. New research quantifies the impact of closing the gap and identifies key sources of this socioeconomic inequity.

Investing in social change