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Associate, Lima

From my very first project, I found myself engaging with leaders of major companies.

Priceless opportunities for learning and growth

I first learned about McKinsey from a friend, an analyst with the firm, and what intrigued me was how passionately he spoke about his work, the people he worked with, and his exposure to top executives. This has been my experience too. From my very first project, I found myself engaging with leaders of major companies. Even when discussing strategy, I was learning about leadership and decision making. Interacting and learning this way is priceless. It encourages me to reach my full potential and push myself to be better in every respect.

Incredible depth of knowledge

Another inspiring aspect of McKinsey is the depth of knowledge inside the firm, and how keen people are to help one another. On one occasion, we were helping a client in the insurance industry analyze and predict how its markets were likely to evolve. I was surprised how eager experts across the firm were to help. On short notice, they devoted their time to deliver the best, collective knowledge possible for the client.

Smart people solving complex problems

I joined McKinsey with an engineering background. If you are thinking of applying, and come from a non-business background, I would strongly encourage you to do so. McKinsey values smart, exceptional individuals with diverse backgrounds—not just MBAs but also medical doctors, physicists, and many other professionals who excel in structuring and solving complex problems.



Purdue University
MS, aeronautics and astronautics

Florida Institute of Technology
BS, aerospace engineering