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Ondrej Burkacky

Senior PartnerMunich

Uses his expertise in semiconductors, R&D, and embedded software to advise clients on operational improvement, R&D, and software-related topics

Ondrej is the global colead of our Semiconductors Practice. Based in Munich, he also coleads the McKinsey Industrial Software Hub and is part of the firm’s Operations Practice in Europe. He supports global clients on issues related to operational improvements and transformations, as well as R&D and software-related topics.

Since joining McKinsey in 2007, Ondrej has served integrated-device manufacturers (IDMs), foundries, and fabless players. He also serves OEMs in the high-tech and automotive industries. Examples of his recent projects include the following:

  • leading the operational turnaround of a foundry fabrication plant, improving its core processes, streamlining critical tools, and introducing stringent performance management processes
  • advising an IDM on a holistic R&D transformation that included a restructuring of predevelopment work, the synchronization of hardware and software development, the introduction of lean engineering principles, and other improvement levers, which generated a substantial reduction in time to market, improved quality, and overall increased development productivity
  • leading an operational excellence program for multiple fabrications of an IDM, resulting in significant cost savings—both operating expenditures and capital expenditures—that freed up capacity for new products
  • leading the implementation of a state-of-the-art software development toolchain for a global IDM
  • helping an industry leader grow its market share through software

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LMU München
PhD, physical chemistry
MSc, chemistry