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Julien Boudet

Senior PartnerSouthern California

Advises consumer-focused companies on marketing, e-commerce, and operations, driving the digital transformation of their business

Over a decade of serving McKinsey’s clients, Julien has drawn on his expertise in business technology to drive digital transformation in marketing, e-commerce, and operations for consumer-oriented businesses.

A particular focus of Julien’s work is optimizing digital customer life-cycle management—helping executives accelerate sales growth across channels and increase profitability at each step of the consumer journey. He has led value-enhancing initiatives for retailers, consumer brands, and travel and entertainment companies globally and in North America. In all his work, he helps companies better understand their customers so they can define the right operational and strategic priorities.

Examples of his work include the following:

  • running a major e-tailer’s online marketing operations, including implementing accelerated email processes and building new internal capabilities, which boosted revenue within a year
  • directing a recovery and reorganization initiative for a leading online player, restoring sustainable growth across geographies and functions
  • designing and implementing a new supply chain and fulfillment strategy for a leading global e-commerce player
  • leading the large-scale transformation of a company's sales function, including training more than 200 employees to use new analytics and sales tools

Strongly interested in the development of online customer outreach, Julien has published insights into the realities and potential future development of email marketing.

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Stanford University
MA, electrical engineering

École Polytechnique
BS, physics