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Supporting the digital transformations of Japanese and global companies

Companies today compete in increasingly challenging environments that innovative technologies and advances in all things digital are constantly reshaping. Only companies that can stay ahead of these changes will survive as the digital economy becomes the norm. Digital McKinsey empowers our clients to reinvent their businesses for the digital world by bringing together experts in digital and analytics as well as our core strategy- and management-consulting network.

Our digital consultants can join several types of engagements, including digital strategy, digital transformation, data analytics, customer-experience design, IT procurement, and digital organization.

Redefining a business’s value proposition for the digital world

Starting with consumer needs and preferences, we work with our clients’ executive teams to rethink their value propositions and business models fundamentally for the digital world. We then focus on driving execution, including digital buildouts, analytics, and frontline change management, to ensure a full transition to the new business model.

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We execute our strategies by working with our expert teams—including Digital Labs, our 3,000-member agile-development team, and the McKinsey Analytics Practice, a global network of doctorates and statisticians—to deliver the most-advanced analytics services, at scale.

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Using data analytics to create business breakthroughs

Data-driven businesses are progressively pulling ahead of their peers. We support the use of data analytics to create value by collaborating with McKinsey data scientists as well as our clients’ management teams and data scientists to embed analytics into the core decisions that our clients make every day. 

Providing a completely new digital experience

The end-to-end customer experience, including digital services, is becoming increasingly important. Our design-thinking experts work with client teams to understand how consumers in the digital world prefer to engage, then work with Digital Labs and our clients’ technologies to build new experiences in a rapid, agile fashion.

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IT modernization and digital-organization design

While clients strive to introduce cutting-edge digital experiences, most face major challenges in managing massive legacy IT commitments. We support our clients in better managing technology by using a combination of agile and lean IT techniques together with IT-organizational redesign and rigorous vendor management.

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