Our People


Aditya Sanghvi
Senior Partner, New York
Empowers leading real estate organizations to succeed in the face of disruption
Jennifer Kilian
Digital Partner, New York
Combines creative vision with compelling design to drive innovation and reinvent how businesses engage with customers
John Means
Partner, Washington DC
Develops sustainable, thriving communities with real estate executives, infrastructure developers, and government leaders
Jose Luis Blanco
Senior Partner, Philadelphia
Advises infrastructure and real-estate clients on selecting, planning, deploying, and delivering capital projects
Brodie Boland
Partner, Washington DC
Helps leading real-estate organizations, infrastructure investors, and city governments prepare for the future, including by identifying and mitigating the risks from climate change
Mukund Sridhar
Senior Partner, Singapore
Supports large Asian conglomerates and business groups through digital business building and analytics transformations; leads McKinsey’s Real Estate Practice in Asia and capital excellence work in Southeast Asia
Rob Palter
Senior Partner, Toronto
Specializes in helping clients identify real estate investment opportunities and strategically manage real estate assets
John-Paul (JP) Julien
Associate Partner, Philadelphia
Serves US federal, state and city governments on inclusive economic-development topics and supports private-, public-, and social-sector organizations in advancing racial equity
Samvit Kanoria
Senior Partner, Doha
Leads McKinsey’s work in real estate and infrastructure in the Middle East and is the global leader for institutional investors participating in these assets
Subbu Narayanswamy
Senior Partner, Mumbai
Supports real estate and district or city development across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa; helps create, grow, and transform leading real estate companies globally and deliver multibillion dollar capital-expenditure infrastructure and real estate projects with a focus on time and cost efficiency
Ben Dimson
Partner, London
Advises organisations on all aspects of real estate, with a focus on digital disruption.
Guy Perry
Vice President, Urban Planning and Design, Dubai
An architect, designer, and developer who conceives and realizes leading environments that foster sustainability and well-being