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John-Paul (JP) Julien

Serves US federal, state and city governments on inclusive economic-development topics and supports private-, public-, and social-sector organizations in advancing racial equity

JP has experience working across more than a dozen US cities and states on economic development and real-estate projects and advises organizations across sectors looking to support a more inclusive economy. He has deep expertise in economic mobility, racial equity, and housing.

Alongside his client work, JP is a leader of the McKinsey Institute for Black Economic Mobility, our global economic think tank focused on inclusive economic development and racial equity topics.

JP’s recent projects include the following:

  • creating a ten-year community-investment plan for a historically underperforming region, including investor-ready business plans for each initiative developed in partnership with community members. To date, the plan has raised more than $50 million in direct-state investment and more than $10 million from philanthropic funders.
  • developing an inclusive economic-development strategy for a US state, including advice on specific levers to increase the supply of affordable housing, advance the innovation economy, and build community wealth. The effort is on its way to deliver an estimated 300,000 jobs and more than $600 million increase in venture-capital investment by 2025.
  • working with social sector leaders to develop a strategy to advance equity outcomes and help improve the economic reality for the 100 million Americans who are financially insecure.
  • supporting a coalition of private-sector organizations in developing a bold set of investments to advance racial equity, including more than $30 billion in committed funding to support housing affordability for communities of color.
  • leading the strategic and operational design of three innovation districts, including the end-to-end strategy of a university-anchored hub that is expected to generate more than $500 million of investment by 2022.

Before joining McKinsey, JP was a senior health and benefits analyst at Mercer. He has authored research on topics including the impact of COVID-19 on Black lives and livelihoods, the case for a more inclusive economy, the need for financial inclusion in Black communities, the role of the public sector in construction innovation, and the potential of opportunity zones.

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Yale School of Management
MBA, management

Yale School of Public Health
MPH, healthcare management

University of Pennsylvania
BA, health and societies