McKinsey Center for Government

Helping governments deliver for their people

With its independent and analytical approach, the McKinsey Center for Government (MCG) is a dedicated center of excellence that helps government leaders deliver better outcomes and experiences.

Backed by a network of global experts, MCG works alongside many of the world’s leading public sector stakeholders and organizations to enable them to operate at the highest level.

What we do

Worldwide, the public sector represents more than 40% of global GDP, yet government leaders are increasingly having to do more with less. The MCG helps the public sector and its stakeholders confront complex challenges, modernize their organizations, and improve services.

Convening and enabling leaders

Bringing leaders together across the government, social, and private sectors to share lessons and take action.

Advancing knowledge

In conjunction with an ecosystem of experts and partner institutions, designing, conducting, investing in, and sharing research on the critical and common challenges that governments face.

Stimulating innovation

Catalyzing and scaling innovation through working groups, research collaborations, events, and media engagement.

Our areas of focus

  • Government Leadership
  • Reinvesting in Economies
  • Citizen Experience
  • Technology Delivery
  • Government Productivity
  • Talent & Capability Building
  • Resilience

Never before have governments and their workforces been asked to do so much, so fast. As a result, public sector leaders are transforming government to meet ever-higher expectations. The MCG stands ready to support public sector stakeholders create lasting and substantial improvements in government performance.

Solveigh Hieronimus, Senior Partner and MCG co-leader

Hear from our experts

Todd Wintner

Todd Wintner explains why transformation is fundamental to everything the public sector does.

Gayatri Shenai

Gayatri Shenai outlines three digital tech trends that will be critical for public sector leaders.

Hrishika Vuppala, Jessica Kahn and Tim Ward

Hrishika Vuppala, Jessica Kahn and Tim Ward share what excites them about working in the public sector.

Featured interactives


McKinsey on Public Finance, March 2023

McKinsey on Public Finance brings together our perspectives across all aspects of public finance from our proprietary research, global experience, and relationships around the world. You’ll find insights on new, innovative approaches along with some of our most popular articles over the last several years—timeless pieces that continue to resonate with global public finance leaders.

Featured interviews


Lessons in leadership: Getting past politics to deliver for the people

– Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, a Republican, tapped Democrat Steve Kadish as his first chief of staff. Together, they developed... a framework for “moving beyond politics to get important work done.”

Lessons in leadership: Making government “a great place to work”

– David Thodey has led successful transformations across Australia’s public and private sectors. He recently sat down with... McKinsey to share his recipe for success.

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