What is the next normal going to look like?

The world is evolving quickly. Technology is advancing, consumer expectations are growing, and innovations that were viewed as cutting-edge a decade ago are considered commonplace today. What’s in store for industries in the next 10 years and beyond? In our Next Normal series, leading executives and McKinsey experts conjure the future, one industry at a time. Check out some of our editions below, and bookmark this page to hear from Margaux Constantin ,Vik Krishnan, Matteo Pacca, Steve Saxon, and Caroline Tufft in an upcoming edition on the future of hotels.

Could this be a glimpse into life in the 2030s?

The future of biotech: AI-driven drug discovery

The future of video entertainment: Immersive, gamified, and diverse

The future of space: It’s getting crowded out there

The future of air mobility: Electric aircraft and flying taxis

The future of wellness: Connected and customized

The future of shopping: Technology everywhere

The future of car buying: Omnichannel, personalized, and fun

The future of the high-rise: Creating people-centric spaces

The future of packaging: Smart bottles, edible boxes