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Associate Partner, Minneapolis


Alex joined McKinsey for a fast-paced, impactful career and limitless learning opportunities. He has found that and ways to contribute to our diverse, inclusive culture.


The Hispanic and Latino Network has been a source of mentorship, fun, and personal development. It enables me to expand my network, contribute to our diverse and inclusive culture, and do meaningful work for our clients.

I am an engineer by trade and started my career in maintenance and reliability in the aluminum industry.

I moved into commercial project management, strategy, and corporate development in industrial goods. During that time, I collaborated with consultants and was intrigued by the fast pace, intensive learning, and high impact of the work we did together. So, after completing my MBA at Tuck, I joined McKinsey in 2015 as an associate.

My evolving role

In the years since, I advanced to associate partner. My primary client focus is on manufacturing, strategy, and corporate transformations. The majority of my work is at the intersection of energy and materials—especially chemicals, agriculture, and Operations—focusing on manufacturing and supply chain.

Celebrating my cultural roots

I was born and raised in Spain and had the chance to live, study, and work in multiple countries.  Everywhere I went I took my Latin culture and its strong values around family, friendship, and community with me. This is why I am passionate about McKinsey’s Hispanic and Latino Network, about our community, which feels like a small family.  Within this community I’ve had the chance to grow as a leader.  One example is leading McKinsey’s Freshman Diversity Leadership Academy,  and also being on the team that created the inaugural McKinsey Hispanic and Latino Economic Forum.

I’m also passionate about helping our Hispanic and Latino clients develop as leaders, through our Management Accelerator program, part of Connected Leaders Academy.

The Hispanic and Latino Network is a source of mentorship, fun, and personal development. It enables me to expand my network, contribute to diversity and inclusion efforts, and do meaningful work for our clients.

More about me

I live in Minnesota with my wife, our dog, and our son.


Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth;
MBA, business administration, management

Ecole Centrale de Lyon
Diplôme de grande ecole, engineering

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Ingeniero, mechanical engineering

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