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The need for resiliency

Here’s how leading companies can build a business that’s ready for tomorrow.

Resilience: The whole-company fitness challenge

– To build resilience in volatile markets, most companies will need to change across the full span of their operations.

Lighthouses unlock sustainability through 4IR technologies

– At manufacturing lighthouses, the Fourth Industrial Revolution makes sustainability easier. Environmental sustainability and operational competitiveness reinforce one another, thanks to digital.

Operational Resilience


Responding to inflation and volatility: Time for procurement to lead

– A digital nerve center can help procurement teams collaborate better and act faster during turbulence.

How COVID-19 is reshaping supply chains

– Companies have only partly addressed the weaknesses in global supply chains exposed by the coronavirus pandemic. In the face of... new challenges, finishing the job is even more urgent.

Managing the risks and returns of intelligent automation

– As companies accelerate the adoption of automation and artificial intelligence, they need a better way to maximize the benefits... of these new technologies while minimizing the risks.

Buying into a more sustainable value chain

– Two-thirds of the average company’s environment, social, and governance footprint lies with suppliers. Procurement leaders... who take bold action can make a decisive difference in sustainability.

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Latest Insights


CEO dialogue: Perspectives on productivity and sustainability

– Leading manufacturers are setting tomorrow’s standards for tech-enabled efficiency, growth, and environmental responsibility.

Industrial-resource productivity and the road to sustainability

– As industrial companies—especially in process industries—strive for a zero-carbon future, a time-tested approach shows renewed value in helping reduce carbon by up to one-third in three to five years.

Preparing global business services for the next normal

– Shared-services and GBS organizations face twin needs: to accelerate digital capabilities and learn to work within a constantly evolving environment.

An on-demand revolution in customer-experience operations?

– Whether relying mainly on in-house or external talent, gig-style staffing models—when managed carefully—could give customer care the horsepower and flexibility it needs for today’s increasingly volatile markets.

Special collections


The industrial revolution in services

– Weaving digital into the entire organization will require companies to raise their aspirations, expand their toolkits, and deliver impact across the board.

Building supply-chain resilience

– At a time when cost control is critical, a reimagination of supply chains can deliver the resilience and efficiency business needs for the next normal—if leaders make smart investments to minimize costly disruptions before they occur.

The care of one: Hyperpersonalization of customer care

– Hyperpersonalization will be the new proving ground in customer care. This compendium lays out four key drivers that organizations must be prepared to integrate by 2025.

Featured Videos

A new era for industrial R&D in Japan

Tokyo-based partners Hiroshi Odawara and André Rocha describe the challenges and opportunities for Japan’s industrial R&D, identifying the critical areas where businesses in Japan can focus to meet or exceed today’s highest-performing global R&D organizations.

How digital factories lead in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

McKinsey partner Enno de Boer and senior partner Katy George highlight research findings from the Global Lighthouse Network project and talk through the power of manufacturing innovation at scale.

Digital Manufacturing


How businesses can drive growth through Industry 4.0

– Matteo Mancini, senior partner based in our Singapore office, explains the concept of ‘lighthouses’, McKinsey's collaboration... with the World Economic Forum on the Global Lighthouse Network, and the opportunities business leaders can capture to effectively utilize Industry 4.0 technologies.

What is driving adoption and advances for Industrial 4.0 technologies across Asia?

– Karel Eloot, senior partner in our Shanghai office, discusses what is driving adoption and advances for Industrial 4.0 technologies... across Asia, and shares how leaders should think about the future of manufacturing in region.
Impact Story

How a steel plant in India tapped the value of data—and won global acclaim

– By upskilling employees and innovating with analytics, Tata Steel’s plant in Kalinganagar, India, achieved performance gains... that earned it recognition as a leading digital facility by the World Economic Forum.

Win the next normal with technology in automotive and industrial manufacturing

How to leverage Digital and Analytics for substantial EBIT improvements in automotive and industrial manufacturing in the next... normal.

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What will it take to go from ‘travel shock’ to surge?

– Trivago’s Axel Hefer predicts that the travel recovery will take off in 2022 as more customers become ready to book trips... again.

Reconceiving the global trade finance ecosystem

– Trade finance does not work as well as it could, particularly for the millions of smaller businesses that help fuel the global... economy. A new joint report sets out a vision for improving the ecosystem for all players.

Using a cost-control tower to drive affordability in defense

– Cost-control towers help companies in many industries stay within budget and reduce costs. It’s time for defense companies... to learn about their benefits.

Retail supply-chain strategies for the holidays and beyond

– How can retailers ensure strong sales this holiday season amid continuing supply-chain problems? Two McKinsey experts share their... insights.

Ten steps retailers can take to shock-proof their supply chains

– In a seemingly ‘no win’ environment, retailers can take a two-speed approach to address the current shocks and build a more resilient... foundation for the future.

Introduction: October 2021

– The promise of electric vehicles (EVs) at scale seems increasingly tangible.

News from the Global Infrastructure Initiative: October 2021

– Welcome to the October edition of Voices on Infrastructure, where we explore what it will take to scale electric-vehicle... (EV) infrastructure to meet net-zero targets.

Scaling battery capacity in Europe: A conversation with Evan Horetsky

– The Tesla gigafactory designer offers insights into what can be done to improve electric-vehicle battery manufacturing in Europe—a... move that could drive the region into a cleaner future.

Shaping the future of fast-charging EV infrastructure

– To help electric vehicles reach ubiquity, governments and EV charging companies must ensure the availability of fast-charging... infrastructure doesn’t become a bottleneck for growth.

The future of EV charging infrastructure: Executive perspectives

– Frank Mühlon and Giovanni Palazzo offer their insights into today’s and tomorrow’s priorities for scaling EV... charging infrastructure to meet demand.

Unlocking growth in battery cell manufacturing for electric vehicles

– Demand for electric vehicles is soon expected to outpace the ramp-up of battery cell production. Accelerating the build-out of... battery cell gigafactories can help the industry stay on course.
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