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Hydrogen Global Trade Perspective
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Market entry strategy
Manufacturing scale up and product support
Portfolio allocation and equity story development
Business building and hub development

Featured leaders

Bernd Heid
Senior PartnerCologne
Leads the McKinsey Platform for Climate Technologies and work in hydrogen globally; serves clients in the mobility and energy...
Markus Wilthaner
Passionate about building businesses in hydrogen and batteries, working with industry leaders, start-ups, and public institutions...
Arnout de Pee
Brings in-depth strategy and transformation expertise in the energy sector serving global leaders, attackers, and scale-ups in...
Kimberly Henderson
PartnerWashington DC
Supports companies, investors, and public and social sector entities to address climate change
Clemens Müller-Falcke
Coleader of our sustainability work in Latin America; helps companies connect sustainability to company performance and turn...
Rory Clune
Brings broad experience in strategic and operational topics to companies across the energy value chain, along with deep expertise...
Xiaofan Wang
Leads the Oil & Gas Practice and is a core leadership member in the sustainability and growth platform in Greater China; advises...
Zak Cutler
Senior PartnerToronto
Serves electric and gas utilities, energy companies, and infrastructure owners and investors on issues related to capital investment...
Berend Heringa
Brings expert knowledge on oil and gas strategy, energy-market forecasting, proprietary data, and advanced analytics
Ole Rolser
Helps energy companies develop future-looking strategies that anticipate trends across fuels, industries, and regions
Jesse Noffsinger
Works with organizations to understand, drive, and prepare for the global energy transition, bringing deep insight into renewable...


Green Business Building Summits
Green Business Building Summits
Close up detail of two business people shaking hands with an ivy vine wrapped around their arms and connecting them.
November 30, 2023
Dubai - View to the skyscrapers of the district Marina - stock photo
October 2022
Global Infrastructure Initiative Summit

Featured insights

Hydrogen Insights 2023 December Update

Hydrogen Insights 2023 December Update

Hydrogen Insights 2023
Hydrogen Insights 2023
Global Hydrogen Flows
Global Hydrogen Flows
Hydrogen for Net-Zero
Hydrogen for Net-Zero
overhead view of hydrogen supply trucks on road photo
Unlocking hydrogen’s power for long-haul freight transport
Hydrogen-powered aviation
Hydrogen-powered aviation
Earth View From Space Full Rotation 360 degrees with the Sun Light, Cities at Night Looped 3d Animation. Dark Planet Turning in Outer Space. Elements Furnished by NASA. Nature, Technology Concept - stock video
Global Energy Perspective 2023
 3D rendering of hydrogen energy tanks in a green field with wind turbines behind it
Five charts on hydrogen’s role in a net-zero future

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