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The future of customer care

Design principles in customer care

The employee journey—how analytics can drive engagement in customer care

The impact of digital tools on customer care

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Using advanced analytics to build use cases
Making the most of automation
Redesigning customer-care journeys
Improving employee performance
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Where is customer care in 2024?

Abstract 3D representation of artificial intelligence: a stylized silhouette of a head with a pixelated brain placed atop a cell phone, surrounded by a network emanating from the head.
Why AI-enabled customer service is key to scaling telco personalization
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Smart scheduling: How to solve workforce-planning challenges with AI
Customer care center
The state of customer care in 2022
Social media as a service differentiator: How to win

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The Rise of Super-Human Agents

The Power of Analytics

Omnichannel overtakes Multichannel

Conversational AI – Believe the Hype

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Jorge Amar
Senior PartnerMiami
Works with telecommunications companies to drive the changes needed to improve overall customer experience while also controlling...
Eric Buesing
Advises senior executives and frontline leadership teams in both strategy and implementation of sales transformations, customer-service...
Raelyn Jacobson
Advises companies across industries to transform end-to-end customer and patient facing operations and services
Sören Jautelat
Leading large scale transformation, shaping and scaling new digital businesses. Co-leads McKinsey’s battery acceleration team...
Felix Kalkum
Associate PartnerCologne
Helps clients navigate technology transformations and technology use for improved customer service, with an industry focus on...
Paul Kline
Senior ExpertDallas
Focuses exclusively on customer-care operations across all industries—from financial services to hospitality to healthcare—for...

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