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Fielding high-performing innovation teams

Innovation is a team sport. For projects to succeed, they must be staffed with the right combination of talent.

There are 10 traits of successful innovators. While many of these capabilities are well-recognized, we have seen that reframing the discussion from individuals to teams helps tremendously to unlock performance in most organizations. Assessing each team member’s innovation aptitude can help you build a stronger whole. Request your invite to join senior partner Erik Roth and partner Matt Banholzer on a special interactive webcast as they discuss a recent McKinsey article on this topic and share the traits that we think matter.

April 3, 2019. 10-11 a.m. ET; 3-4 p.m. GMT



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About the presenters

Senior Partner, Stamford

Erik Roth

Erik is a leader in our Strategy Practice in the Americas and directs our work in innovation globally. He is one of the firm’s foremost experts on matters related to innovation and its critical components, including innovation strategy, new-product development, business-model creation, open innovation, culture change, and R&D management. He also has extensive expertise in marketing.
Partner, Chicago

Matt Banholzer

Matt leads McKinsey’s global innovation-delivery work for our innovation group within the Strategy and Corporate Finance Practice.

In his advisory work, Matt serves leading organizations in the materials, agriculture, and related innovation-driven sectors. He brings broad expertise in strategy and operations, with particular expertise in helping institutionalize the benefits of innovation. Matt has helped executives pursue growth transformation and optimize capital projects and portfolios. When necessary, he supports rapid and dramatic performance improvements for companies facing significant operational and financial challenges.