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Digital Strategy

We help clients develop strategy for the digital age and identify the opportunities and threats digital transformation will bring to their industries.

We help clients reinvent for the digital age. From smartphone makers to miners, we work with digital natives and nondigital players alike to accelerate their transformation by building structures for speed and stability, changing their cultures to cultivate experimentation, and identifying and engaging the best digital talent. We help hard code digital into the DNA of businesses to produce seamless customer experiences, streamlined services, and innovative new business models.

This is how we do it:

Digital strategy
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Digital discovery

With decades of strategy experience and data-driven insights, we accompany clients on a journey to understand the opportunities and threats digital transformation will bring to their industries. We anticipate which digital competitors and technologies could enter their industries, analyze how these competitors might change the game, and plot a course to defend and seize new business opportunities.

Digital transformation

Armed with this knowledge, we work with clients to complete a process of reinvention from the inside out. We help clients transform themselves for the digital age by aligning their company's structure and processes with a future where automation and machine learning will remake industries and reshape the workforce. We assist by attracting, engaging, and putting strategies in place to retain the best digital people. And we work with clients to ensure they have the capabilities—the systems, tools, digital skills, and technology—to realize their strategic vision.

Recent work

  • We identified 20 to 45 percent of potential annual cost savings for a large European government department and created a road map for digitizing services to millions of citizens. We introduced a new digitally streamlined way of working between agencies and developed common workplace IT tools to improve user satisfaction and give civil servants in central government a modern IT environment at lower cost.
  • We helped a major international banking player create a greenfield digital-attacker subsidiary. This work included developing the strategy, planning implementation, and working hand in hand with the client team to build the bank and get it into the market in less than 10 months.
  • Working with one of Europe's biggest media players, we helped reinvent the structure of processes within the organization for the digital age. Our work included strategic support on the company's direction, as well as M&A and resource-reallocation plans to put the digital strategy into practice.

Featured capabilities

  • Dot Matrix provides deep empirical insights to predict how and where future disruptions will occur at an industry level and within companies. Analyzing disruptions across 176 value chains, this tool pinpoints the actions that create successful digital companies. These insights give clients the capacity to anticipate, defend, and seize the new spaces disruption creates.
  • Digital Quotient calculates the digital strengths and weaknesses within an organization. It measures the digital capability of the business units for clients and provides a score on digital and financial performance that can be benchmarked against hundreds of organizations around the world.

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Featured experts

Angus Dawson

Managing Partner, McKinsey Australia and New Zealand

Martin Hirt

Senior Partner, Greater China

Dilip Wagle

Senior Partner, Seattle

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