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About RTS

RTS is a special unit of McKinsey that delivers a proven approach for transformational change to clients seeking radical and sustainable performance improvement.

RTS provides clients:

  • Bigger numbers. Extraordinary impact, well beyond conventional wisdom about “full potential”
  • Faster delivery. Rapid results through a step change in the operating tempo of the business
  • Sustainable trajectory. Rooted in a performance-based culture and the capabilities required for continued improvement

Recognizing that most efforts to transform corporate performance do not succeed, RTS was founded in 2010 to change those odds. Over the last several years, we have worked with leaders of more than a hundred organizations around the world and across sectors.

RTS also includes a group that specializes in corporate restructuring and distressed turnarounds. Our team has supported numerous companies facing significant distress and led some of the most complex and successful restructurings of the last several years.

RTS is tightly integrated with McKinsey & Company, and we bring the best of the firm to every engagement—extensive industry and functional knowledge, a global footprint, proprietary tools, and a broad network of relationships.

Our clients

Our clients include CEOs and business-unit heads of organizations that range from a few hundred million dollars in turnover to some of the world’s largest corporations. Most of our clients are driven by a desire to capture untapped potential; others face significant external challenges or industry discontinuities.

RTS clients include the following:

  • Profitable and stable companies with aspirational leaders and unrealized potential
  • Companies under pressure from market disruptions, aggressive competitors, and global volatility
  • Companies in distress, including those facing in/out-of-court restructuring situations

Our approach

The RTS approach to transformation is holistic and execution-centric. We address all value-creation levers: growth, profitability, and capital efficiency. We often tackle strategy and business-portfolio issues. In all cases, our work is informed by the client’s mission and values, and considers the impact on a full range of stakeholders.

RTS practitioners work side by side with clients to deliver exceptional impact on a rapid timescale. We leave our clients with an “execution engine”: the mind-sets, behaviors, and capabilities that allow them to extend their gains and adapt to future challenges.

Our team

RTS practitioners are not traditional consultants—we are transformation specialists experienced in the art and science of driving large-scale change and making it stick.

Our team includes the following:

  • More than 60 former CEOs, CFOs, and COOs of public companies and other large-scale enterprises
  • Experienced chief transformation officers
  • Corporate-restructuring specialists and seasoned chief restructuring officers

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