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McKinsey Talks Operations

Cutting through the noise to transform strategy into lasting operations success

The next normal demands agility, flexibility, and resilience. Join us on McKinsey Talks Operations, a podcast where the world’s C-suite leaders and McKinsey experts cut through the noise and uncover how to create a new operational reality.

Each episode considers the challenges companies and economies are facing, and the opportunities leaders can seize for competitive advantage. We’ll look at how to connect boardroom strategy to the frontlines, ways to increase performance, where and when to infuse operations with technology, and why empowering the workforce with skills and capabilities is key to success.

Latest episode

How to manage the coming wave of investment in capital projects

– About $130 trillion is expected to flow into infrastructure upgrades over the next five years. How can companies spend that most efficiently?

Recent episodes


Reaching net zero—what will it take?

– The quest for sustainability requires action on many fronts, with changes to supply networks, manufacturing processes, and business models.

A digital path to sustainability

– Sustainability and productivity needn’t be at odds when enabled by Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies. And with an empowered workforce leading the way, outsize gains can be the result.

Smart operators: How leading companies use machine intelligence

– Despite the recent and significant advances in machine intelligence, the full scale of the opportunity is just beginning to unfold. New research reveals why some companies are doing better than others.

Why business must heed customer reviews

– COVID-19 has made e-commerce more competitive than ever. Paying attention to customer reviews will give organizations a necessary edge.

Prioritizing customer experience in government

– The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the necessity to center customer experience in dealings with government agencies. This benefits customers, government employees, and agencies’ reputations alike.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will be people powered

– Companies at the forefront of the technology frontier are empowering their workers with digital technologies—and the skills they need to use them.

Diagnosing the pain in your supply chain

– The COVID-19 pandemic has knocked global supply chains off their axes. But CEOs and other leaders can build resilience into their operations and reset supply chains for the next inevitable disruption.

McKinsey Talks Operations

– The new podcast from McKinsey’s Operations Practice explores cutting through the noise to transform strategy into lasting operations success.

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