Managing water and climate risk with renewable energy

Managing water and climate risk with renewable energy

New analysis shows how companies can target renewable-energy purchases and investments to reduce water risk and carbon emissions in tandem.

Reports of corporates’ demise have been greatly exaggerated

An analysis of 20 years of data on publicly traded companies and IPOs demonstrates that the drop-off in the number of listings is less steep than pundits would have you believe.

Closing the gender and race gaps in North American financial services

An updated view into gender and racial diversity in financial services—as well as women’s day-to-day work experiences—reveals some progress. But challenges in building an equitable and inclusive workplace persist.

Reviving the art of apprenticeship to unlock continuous skill development

Postpandemic skill gaps need filling, and formal learning alone won’t do the trick. Scaling the lost art of one-on-one learning can make the difference.

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