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Partner, Johannesburg

We’re looking for smart, dedicated people with the potential to be the future business leaders of Africa and the world.

Why McKinsey

One day at university I received an intriguing parcel from McKinsey in the mail. The parcel contained an empty egg and a gavel, as part of a riddle to be solved. Solving the riddle got me an invite to a local recruiting event and what self-respecting student would give up an opportunity for free food and drink? Learning more about McKinsey and management consulting in general, I realized it was the perfect place for commitment-phobe like me—since every few months at McKinsey I’m able to focus on a new industry, a new client, a new problem to solve. I also realized that if I ever left McKinsey I would have an incredible set of career options to step into.

Exceptionally smart, caring, and interesting people

The most rewarding thing about McKinsey has been the opportunity to get to know an amazing group of exceptionally smart, caring and interesting people. The work we do is also incredibly interesting, exciting and impactful. Each time we help a client shift their way of thinking about something, in a way that creates value for themselves and for the economy more broadly, I get a real kick out of it. It’s amazing how much impact a small group of dedicated people can have when they focus on doing the right things, and on doing them well.

Personal and professional growth

The day I joined McKinsey I was put straight onto a plane and sent to Europe for training. Every nine months or so since my career began I have been to various locations around the world for incredibly innovative training events. That’s how seriously McKinsey takes your professional development; and it’s far more than just about making you a better consultant—the focus is very much on making you grow as a person and leader as well. However, the real professional and personal development occurs on client engagements—through an unparalleled apprenticeship, coaching and mentorship model where my colleagues have constantly looked out for me and shown me how to grow. Over time, I’ve had the privilege of helping those around me, especially new hires, to achieve their personal and professional aspirations as well.

Thinking of applying? Just do it!

We don’t care what your educational background is (as long as you have one!)—all we’re looking for is smart, dedicated people who have the potential to be the future business leaders of Africa and the world. And don’t worry about whether you’ll “fit in”—our people are incredibly diverse, from every possible background, and with a wide range of views on just about everything.

Published work

The rise of the African consumer,” McKinsey Africa Consumer Insights Center, November 2012


Stern School of Business, New York University

University of Cape Town