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Engagement ManagerBangkok


Engagement ManagerBangkok

I have been pleasantly surprised by how incredibly supportive McKinsey people are of each other’s growth.

My Path to McKinsey

In college, I developed a passion for international development and social impact. When I conducted field research in Latin America and Sub-Sahara Africa, it quickly became clear to me that technology can scale social impact most rapidly and efficiently. I decided to join Google to learn first-hand how to shape the world with innovation and how to scale impact using technology. When I decided to return home to Thailand, I wanted to continue using technology to scale social impact and also gain new experiences across a variety of functions and industries. McKinsey was the ideal place. I could also work with some of the most influential businesses and institutions and hone my leadership and problem solving skills.

Choosing McKinsey

As I was considering the transition to management consulting, I talked to a lot of people. I found McKinsey people to be the most open and helpful in sharing their experiences and insights. I hoped that this was reflective of the Firm’s culture and its people, more broadly. And I am happy to confirm – it is.

The People at McKinsey

Everyone at the firm is smart, driven, and hardworking. What I have been pleasantly surprised by is how incredibly supportive people are of each other’s growth. Leaders have taken time out of their busy schedules to teach and mentor me, time and time again.

Charting my own course at McKinsey

I’m passionate about innovation and design. As soon as I arrived at the firm, I was supported by leaders that allowed me to incorporate my passions into my client work.

Advice for those considering McKinsey

McKinsey truly values the diverse experiences and perspectives that colleagues bring and recognizes that this allows us to deliver the best to our clients. If you are excited about the prospect of solving challenges, while working in a close-knit team environment, then you should definitely consider applying.


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