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Senior Solution Analyst, Wave, McKinsey Solutions, Singapore

The commitment to mentorship, both from peers and leadership, is extremely invigorating.

To be part of a new journey

McKinsey is at the forefront of disruption in the industry as the firm offers a wide range of services and solutions known as McKinsey Solutions. I work on the Wave solution team, helping clients track and measure their transformation programs. As someone who constantly seeks new challenges, to be part of this journey of continuous development and innovation has been an incredible experience.

Mentorship is in our DNA

I find the commitment to mentorship, both from peers and leadership to be extremely invigorating. In the firm, I am encouraged to discuss my career aspirations and explore my passions and have had the continuous support to do so. Mentorship is in our DNA. I have also had the opportunity to attend exceptional training programmes. Professional development is prioritized in the firm and the learning opportunities, either though projects, training or mentorship are unparalleled.

Rewarding challenges with incredible colleagues

During my first engagement, I was overwhelmed with the responsibility of effectively implementing solutions for clients. I reached out to our other colleagues who had similar experience, and even though they were busy, they went to extra mile by spending a significant amount of time coaching me and giving me advice that helped me tremendously.

The steep learning curve is challenging but has been extremely rewarding. I have had the privilege to work with some of the most talented, diverse and dedicated individuals, who time and time again contribute meaningfully to the team.

I would really encourage you to apply and join us! You will meet some of the smartest, most passionate and caring people, who will inspire you to push yourself and always deliver the best.


National University of Singapore
Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (with honours)