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Next application deadline for an Integrative, Material Economics and McKinsey Digital Internship

Application Deadline
September 26, 2024
Problem Solving Game Deadline
October 1, 2024
First Round of Interviews
Date to be scheduled upon mutual agreement
Final round of interviews
Date to be scheduled upon mutual agreement

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Junior AssociateStockholm
“You will have the opportunity to take on meaningful and impactful tasks from the first day of the internship.”
Junior AssociateStockholm
“An internship at McKinsey allowed me to work within various industries, which I was curious about. The internship at McKinsey was a great way to explore my interests.”
Junior AssociateStockholm
“Be curious and true to yourself about what you want to learn more about. You can work with a variety of industries and topics at McKinsey, which means the internship is an opportunity for you to explore and discover what you are passionate about.”
“As an intern, I was given similar responsibilities as a full-time Junior Associate and was fully part of the team from day one.”
Junior AssociateStockholm
“During my internship, I learned many valuable things, such as communicating more effectively with clients as well as the importance of giving and receiving feedback.”
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