About Vinayak

Vinayak leads our Digital Banking Practice in Asia Pacific, and works closely with leading organizations across Southeast Asia, India, and the Middle East. In his work with global, regional and local institutions, he has helped clients tackle a comprehensive range of challenges, including strategy, organizational transformation, sales-productivity enhancement, risk management, and large-scale transformation programs.

With an eye to the disruptive and transformative opportunities created by digital, Vinayak has spent significant time with executives at global and local institutions in Asia evaluating strategic “big-bets”, partnerships opportunities as well as, launching key initiatives that underpin the digital transformation of an existing business.

Examples of his recent work include:

  • designing a comprehensive and ambitious 3-year digital transformation program for a leading local player
  • designing the value proposition, customer tested front-end applications, technology infrastructure design, organization and people model for a green-field attacker
  • developing the strategy and business model design to build a multi-country digital business in Asia Pacific for a leading global institution
  • developing a multi-channel sales model enabling sales across all digital channels powered by a Next Product to Buy analytics model and redesigned onboarding customer journeys
  • developing an innovative digital-banking business model focused on the consumer and small-and-medium-size-enterprise segments (including potential nonbank partnerships) for a leading local bank in Asia
  • revamping digital channels (online and mobile), introducing a new customer value proposition and negotiation support with potential partners for a domestic leader
  • improving the productivity of a large sales organization by introducing a new suite of digital tools, including multichannel integration and frontline sales-enablement tools
  • designing and testing digital-customer value propositions to enable a market leader to strengthen its presence and share with digital customers

Vinayak has invested in establishing deep fact bases on the new trends and dynamics in the Asian Banking marketing. He has co-authored two reports, Digital banking in Asia: Winning approaches in a new generation of financial services, and “Capitalizing on Asia’s digital banking boom,” which address the evolution and opportunities in digital banking, assess competitive landscape evolution, and look at the revenue implications for various business models.

Published work

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Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University
BTech, computer science