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Building digital futures. Together.

Meet Build by McKinsey.

We build new digital businesses. We modernize core technology. We drive digital transformations. To do all that, we need the best people.

Build by McKinsey is the firm's technology delivery people unit—a global team of leading technologists, passionate designers, software, data and cloud engineers, technology architects, and product owners.

Our diverse teams aren’t only technically minded, we are also strategic thinkers, creative problem solvers, and lifelong learners dedicated to creating lasting change.

From initial ideas, we help plan and build robust software solutions that help bring digital products live. We act as true partners throughout the process, accelerating transformations and business growth.

We use the latest technologies and our proven methodologies as a baseline and adapt how we work to match our clients’ requirements, preferences, and priorities.

As part of McKinsey Digital, our nimble and focused multidisciplinary squads work side-by-side with business strategists and experts from Cloud by McKinsey and QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey.

This brings all the necessary skills to build organizations’ digital futures—faster, better, together.


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Featured experts

Our global network of experts is driven by a desire to push technology forward and make a real impact on the world.


India tech delivery hub leader, Bengaluru

“I’m a builder. I bring decades of experience as a developer and program manager in various IT services organization to this role—where my amazing Build colleagues and I orchestrate the transformation journeys for clients, from digital strategy through to implementation. As a team we also constantly leverage new platforms and technologies to best meet our clients’ needs.”


Distinguished engineer, São Paulo

“I’ve been a software developer for the last 30 years. I use microservices and APIs to build customer journeys for our clients, especially in e-commerce. I love what I do, and it’s both challenging and a lot of fun. We’re always trying out new technologies and working out how to best use them in practice. That continuous learning is a big part of what makes McKinsey truly special.”


Design partner, Singapore

“I head up our design practice across Asia–Pacific. Bringing together 25 years of expertise in human-centered design, I’m driven by a desire to improve the way people interact with their world, and with each other. To do that, I create omnichannel experiences for consumer and industrial products, with a focus on tech-enabled design.”


Software and cloud engineer, New York

“I develop and deploy secure cloud-based solutions. These allow clients to share products and services with users easily and efficiently. Being at McKinsey challenges me to work with a diverse range of technologies across different frameworks, layers, and languages. That’s sharpened my ability to understand technical problems and solve them creatively.”


Senior partner, e-commerce expert, Paris

“I came to McKinsey after 25 years of operational and leadership positions at various industry leading organizations, including many e-commerce businesses. I bring extensive experience in digital, retail, and omnichannel environments. In my work, I leverage data science and analytics to help create actionable insights to help businesses scale at speed”


Venture leader, Sydney

“I colead Build by McKinsey in Australia, where I work with a global multidisciplinary team in a hugely varied role—as a serial entrepreneur in my prior life, this is something I truly enjoy. Some days, I find myself working through problems across three different sectors. As a technologist, that diversity of experience helps me find better answers to all sorts of important, strategic problems.”


Agile coach, Pittsburgh

“I partner directly with our clients to help them work in an agile way. That means setting the direction, but also lots of individual coaching. This role has taken me all over the world—from a children’s museum to the Alaskan tundra.”


Senior design director, expert associate partner, Hong Kong

“I lead McKinsey Design in Greater China and South Korea. I’m an advocate for human-centric design approach for new business innovation and building. I work with our talented teams to tackle challenges across diverse sectors, from insurance to life sciences and many more.”


Software engineer, expert manager, New York

“I lead software engineering teams, and help leaders create the right environment for their own teams to succeed. One of my favorite projects at McKinsey involved building a flight simulator replay engine so pilots could learn from their test flights.”


Software architect, New York

“As a technologist, one thing that really excites me about working at McKinsey is the opportunity to be in the room with CEOs and other senior leaders. That has not only helped sharpen my leadership skills, but is also incredibly rewarding to learn the value that the technology we build brings to the whole organization.”


Agile coach, Pittsburgh

“I’ve been a dancer since I was three, which has taught me persistence, adaptability, and creativity. These life skills support my work to level up organizations’ agile capabilities and build meaningful client relationships along the way.”


Senior director of product management, London

“From coding computer games when I was nine to upskilling product experts and shaping critical digital processes, I’ve always been passionate about technology. Digital is a critical area for businesses, and I’m here to help unlock real growth by using it in the best ways possible.”

What we do

We help our clients not only set a strategic direction, but also build technology products and solutions for their specific needs, improving capabilities and accelerating businesses.

Build high-performing businesses

We work with established organizations to imagine, build, and scale new businesses, as well as develop the capabilities needed to do it again and again.

Power end-to-end digital transformations

We place technical expertise and deep industry knowledge alongside change management know-how to deliver modern technology products and embed new ways of working.

Modernize core technology

We partner with clients to integrate technology into every facet of business so they can thrive in today’s rapidly changing environment and embrace what comes next.

Redefine customer experiences

We work with business leaders to reinvent digital interactions and deliver more value. We help clients to develop innovative ways to create superior customer journeys and experiences.

Our approach

Tech that matters

We don’t build technology for the sake of building technology. We do it to solve our clients’ most complex problems. That means ensuring they have a clear business goal, a pressure-tested strategy, and the skills needed to turn ideas into reality.

The best of both worlds

We marry world-class technical and business skills in a unified team, working together toward a single set of objectives. Our teams are handpicked for each project, with a dual leadership structure to ensure that both industry and technical knowledge have a strong voice. In other words: you get the best of both worlds.

A tested approach, tailored for you

We’ve collaborated with clients on successful technology projects in every industry and have proven methodologies and assets that enable us to hit the ground running. Our approach is focused on outputs, not activities, because what matters is what technology can achieve for your business.

A transformation that lasts

Building capabilities is just as important as building the products. We coach, nurture, and establish processes that ensure you have the tools necessary to keep driving your technology forward.

Global Leadership

Adrian Booth
Senior Partner, Bay Area
Works with clients across industries to develop and execute their digital vision with a specialty in driving digital programs across the energy industry
Belkis Vasquez-McCall
Partner, Southern California
Leads Build by McKinsey in North America, helping organizations plan and build digital solutions to accelerate transformation and business growth
Vinayak HV
Senior Partner, Singapore
Coleader of McKinsey Digital and leader of Build by McKinsey in Asia; works closely with local, regional, and global institutions on a broad range of strategic and transformation challenges to capture value
Abdulkader Lamaa
Partner, Abu Dhabi
Crafts and builds game-changing digital experiences and ventures
Stuart Sim
Partner, New Jersey
Advises chief technology officers on complex, data-driven digital transformations to enable AI at scale, Industry 4.0 processes, and new business building
Rafael Siqueira
Partner, São Paulo
Helps organizations build digital-native capabilities to enable designing, building, and launching new products, attracting exceptional digital talent, and to deploy cutting-edge technologies
Chris Smith
Partner, London
Delivers digital and agile transformation programs at scale across industries and leads our work in agile and development operations
Anand Swaminathan
Senior Partner, Bay Area - San Francisco
Serves clients across sectors to shape their growth agendas powered by digital solutions, analytics, technology, and platforms to help accelerate speed to impact