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Miguel Ángel Alcaráz

Brings extensive expertise in Latin American operations to help automotive, energy, banking, and consumer-goods companies enhance value, focusing on procurement and supply-management strategies

Miguel is part of the Latin American Operations Practice, focusing on procurement and supply management. Since joining McKinsey in 2007, he has conducted more than a dozen procurement best-practice benchmarking assessments throughout Latin America for automotive, energy, consumer-goods, banking, and insurance clients.

Examples of his recent client work include the following:

  • leading a procurement transformation for a top consumer-goods company in Latin America rapidly expanding overseas, including redesigning the organization and governance model and identifying opportunities worth 8 percent of the addressed spend base
  • crafting an indirect procurement effort for a brewing company, including maintenance, repair, and operations; transportation; capital expenditure; and fuel, identifying savings of 14 percent of the cost base
  • guiding a procurement effort in a major operations transformation for an automotive and assembly client, reviewing direct and indirect commodities—mainly focused on steel and plastics optimization, with extensive use of a procurement-and-supply-management toolbox—and building client capabilities; the program achieved 12 percent cost savings (of the total procurement spend base) in year one
  • implementing a performance transformation program at a major Mexican insurance company, including embedding a behavioral model into the organization, designing and communicating the vision and mission, crafting the contract process, and reassessing the talent-review and talent-management processes
  • designing and implementing a war room for a major oil company’s capital-expansion project, including introducing lean principles and a factory perspective to optimize the ramp-up process; the program achieved about 50 percent time reduction in incorporating oil wells, from drilling to production


London Business School

Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM)
BA, economics